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Ron Seivertson

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary American Sculptor
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Sculptor Ron Seivertson
Ron Seivertson

About Ron Seivertson

An American Ground Breaking Hot Glass Sculptor Working In Bali
Sculptor Ron Seivertson
Making a Skull

Exhibition History of Ron Seivertson


2004 Gallaxy Glass – Nevada City California
2005 Moen Solinski Gallery – Nevada City California
2005 Pilchuck Annual Exhibition – Seattle Washington
2006 Bali Mystique Hotel – Kerobokan, Bali
2006 Nikko Bali Resort and Spa – Nusa Dua, Bali
2007 Franklin Lee Gallery – Seminyak, Bali
2007 Art Singapore -Singapore
2007 Nikko Bali Resort and Spa – Nusa Dua, Bali
2007 Sunjin Gallery -Singapore
2007 Glass Art Society Annual Auction -Pitsburg Pa.
2008 Idris Glass Art and Photography Gallery -Berlin Germany
2010 The Glass Age -Bali Indonesia
2011 Glass Art Society Annual Auction – Seattle Washington
2011 Louisa Gould Gallery – Martha’s Vineyard Mas.
2011 Pilchuck Annual Auction – Seattle Washington
2012 Jack Bama Fine Art Gallery – Jackson Hole Wy.
2012 Sculptura Gallery – Melbourne Aus.

Making a Skull

Biography / CV of Ron Seivertson

Ron Seivertson 1961, Born in Sacramento, California USA is a hot glass artist who lives on the edge with an intense devotion to his craft. Creating masterpieces from the point of view that everything is possible and to do what seems can not be done.
“Hot glass artist Ron Seivertson creates light filled forms of blown and sculpted hot glass, extra ordinary in their expression and textural luminosity” Trisha Sertori, Jakarta Post
“He is clearly on the leading edge of glass blowing. His tonally rich and diverse blown art, conjures great thinking with simple pleasing forms. But Seivertson likes to break rules and molds. He investigates the far reaches of what blown glass should be and yet delivers stunningly beautiful, luminous and entertaining art.” Carolyn M. Scott, Executive Director Turtle Island Films, Santa Rosa, California USA
Before realizing his destiny awaited in hot glass art, Sievertson spent more then 20 years as a general contractor in carpentry and fine home building. At the age of 37 he reawakened the child artist from within (or visa-versa) with oil painting and sculpting. It was later, in 2003, that he found hot glass as his ultimate medium. From that moment of self-discovery, he took to glassblowing and sculpting quickly and naturally. He studied intensely, first in Seattle Washington, United States, and then in Melbourne, Australia. He obtained his most masterful lessons at The Pilchuck Glass School.

Being a glassblower is quite literally in his blood. The day before his first hot shop experience in 2003 he discovered through his father that his Great Great Grandfather, Breida Seivertson, was a master glassblower from Norway in the late 1800’s. Breida went on to create the largest sheet of hand blown glass in the world. This piece went on display at the World’s Fair in Chicago, in 19xx. Breita’s son Herman Olouf, along with his Grandson Wayne Seivertson, carried on the family tradition while working at Fostoria and Imperial Glassworks. At the time, these were the two most prestigious glass factories in the world creating some of the finest table ware in the world and regularly supplying to the White House and many American presidents. Seivertson has since learned that persons with his surname have been working with Hot Glass in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for more than 200 years.

His heritage, passion, and tenacity, combined with the alchemy and fluidity of the hot glass process help motivate Ron Seivertson to produce magical peieces of both form and function. Seivertson’s Horizon Glassworks Studio in Bali Indonesia is his arena to pursue the creation of unprecedented master pieces. In his first 5 years of practice Ron Seivertson became renowned in the glass community and has been steadily advancing and pioneering the craft ever since. He has a strong reputation and is widely regarded for producing stunning glass art works that are unique in their style, expressions and form.

Now, with the development of Horizon Glass School, Seivertson is providing the foundation for for other artists to come and learn from him and other great masters from around the globe.

Tiger Skull Finished

Artist Statement of Ron Seivertson

“Many artists have moments of powerful influence from the works of others. These works often compel them or move into a style or medium and to go in a certain direction with their work. For me it was the emotionally expressive works of Gustav Vigeland; while touring the great cities of Northern Europe, I visited the Vigeland museum in Oslo Norway. Vigeland’s ability to capture human expression and emotion simply consumed my attention like no other artist had before.

Hot Glass fulfills my desire for instant gratification and a sense of conquest. The results are immediate and it challenges me to explore possibilities regardless of the subject at hand. Hot Glass is both my competitor and my passionate lover in many variations that will consume my creative ambitions for the remainder of my life. Not all sculptors get the chance to work with glass, and for me it is humbling and a great privilege to carry on the tradition that has existed in my family for centuries.

Most of my early sculptural works are about human expression and experience, and how we relate to our surroundings. For the last 10 years I have been living and working on Bali, the island of the Gods. The islands sense of spirit and enchantment continues to directly influence my work. The conceptual ideas of my work- although very important- are often secondary to my desire of being challenged to create extraordinary works. I enjoy pushing boundaries to see what is possible in the moment with hot glass in my hands.

One of my greatest achievements to date is “The Glass Age Series” (2010). While working both collaboratively and individually with prehistoric themes, this series includes animals and artifacts specifically as found objects represented by bones, skulls, and ultimately a life sized skeleton.

“The Java Man” (Homo-Erectus) :
The subject encouraged me to think of life and its struggles in the pre-historic days of humanity. Throughout all of human history these struggles continue in many different ways and forms.

Reviews of work by Ron Seivertson

Art Words, Bali Advertiser.
The Yak Magazine.

Qualifications / Education of Ron Seivertson

Chronology of personal developments:

Age 5, he began building plastic models for ages 10 and up. Cars, Airplanes, Apollo Space craft etc.
Age 7 he began studies and performances, music, singing, acting, improvisation, comedy etc.
Age 12 – 20 he studied arts and crafts, metal working, wood working, ceramics, silk screening, drafting, photography, mechanics, etc.
Age 20 he became a carpenters apprentice, at 26 a California licensed General Contractor and subsequently opened Horizon Builders, building and remolding custom homes till the age of 40.
Further Ron;
At age 37 Studied Life Drawing, Oil Painting, Sculpture.
At age 41 Became a California Lic. Real Estate Agent.
At age 42 began his studies of Glass Blowing and Hot Glass Sculpture.
At age 44 Opened Horizon Glassworks, in Bali, where he continues to work and teach.

Background Professional Art Education

2009 Pilchuck Glass School, ‘Fashioning Glass’, Master Sculptural Techniques.
Instructor: Preston Singletary. TA: Ross Richmond. TA: Joe Benvenuto

2006 Pilchuck Glass School, ‘Secrets revealed’ Advanced Sculptural Techniques.
Instructor: Scott Darlington: TA: Bennet Mc Knight

2005 Pilchuck Glass School, Imagery on the blown form.
Instructor: Peter Houk. TA: Peter Ivy. TA: Helen Lee TA: Robbin Cass

2005 Pilchuck Glass School, Metamorphosis, Art and glass related studio.
Instructor: Pike Powers: TA: Chuck Vanneta. TA: Kathy Chase.

2005 Private Studies/Free formed Glass Studio, Melbourne, Anatomical Hot Glass Sculpture.
Instructor: Crystal Stubbs.

2004 Private Studies Venetian Glass Techniques, Seattle Glass Blowing Studio, Washington.
Instructor: Aaron Tate

2003 Private Studies / Seattle, Glassblowing Studio, Beginning Glass Blowing and Sculpture.
Instructors: Aaron Tate, Chris Beck, Bob Rigg.

1999-2003 Private Studies, Life Drawing, Oil Painting, Sculpture.
Instructor: Gordon Punt MFA, USA.
Live Model Oil Painting, Academy Studio, Amsterdam.
Live Model Drawing, Pranoto Art Studio, Bali Indonesia.
Balinese Oil Painting. Instructor: I Ketut Soki Master Balinese Painter, Bali Indonesia.

Publications / Media / Bibliography of Ron Seivertson

Articles Publications

2006 Bali and Beyond Magazine, Bali Style Magazine, Jakarta Post, Tropical Living Magazine
2007 The Yak magazine, Hello Bali Magazine, Jakarta Post
2009 Fine Restaurants and Villas, Bali Style, Chi magazine
2010 Bali Advertiser, Jakarta Post, The Bud, 360 Guide Book, Bali Arts and Crafts, “The Glass Age” Fine Art Book
2011 The Bud Magazine.
2014 Bali and Beyond magazine.
2006 SCTV
2006 Bali TV
2007 Trans TV
2011 Global,“Sony Style” AXN.

Teaching Experience

Private Lessons - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced.

Influences / Inspiration of Ron Seivertson

William Morris, Pino Sgnoreto, Gustav Vieglan, Arron Tate,
Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen, Scott Daarlington, Dante Marioni

Price Range of Work

Ron Seivertson's work has a price range from £4,167 to £583,334
$1000 - $390,000

Mediums utilised

Ron Seivertson's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Ron Seivertson's work is found in the following categories on site:
Glass or Acrylic Transparant Sculptures (3)
Archaeology inspired sculpture Statues (2)
Surrealist Sculpture
Objects of desire Sculptures
Human Figurative Sculptures
Public Art Sculpture
Torsos Sculptures or Chests of Men and Women Females Girls Children Statues statuery statuettes
Humorous Witty Amusing Lighthearted Fun Jolly Whimsical Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines
Nudes, Female Sculptures
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures
Stylised Birds Sculptures / Statues / statuary / ornaments figurines / statuettes
Hyperrealistic Sculptures
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines
Anatomy, Hands and Feet and other human parts of the body Sculptures
Small bird Sculptures
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture
Historical Character Statues / Sculptures
Military, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines Airmen and Military Equipment
Wild Bird Sculptures
Colourful Polychrome Sculpture Multi-Coloured Statues statuettes statuary
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Customer comment on 'Standing female (nude Contemporary Wall statue/decoration/sculpture)' by William Ashley-Norman
This lovely sculpture has been arrived without any problem. Now it is sitting in my house. We will move it to our new place for public showcase when the whole decoration has finished.

I will keep you update with our project soon. Thanks for your big help, anyway. We are still evaluating the whole space to see if we need to purchase one or two Nikki Taylor`s sculptures as well.

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